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ETS Group offers a broad range of innovative greentech solutions that enable customers to enhance sustainability in industrial operations. With our brand companies operating since 2007, we have long history and great expertise in the fields of environmental technologies and international business for different markets.

With the merger of SIS GmbH and ENDEGS GmbH – experts for innovative mobile industrial degassing – under the umbrella of the ETS Group in 2023, we have a market leading positon in Europe as the expert for emissions reduction services in a wide range of industries. With our company ETS Degassing – Mobile Emission Treatment, we are an highly experienced and skilled provider of mobile emission treatment and industrial degassing solutions.

In the coming years, we plan to further expand the fields of technologies offered by the ETS Group. Get a more detailed overview on our technologies, solutions and services here!

Mobile emission treatment and industrial degassing solutions

ETS Degassing under the umbrella of the Group is the European market and technology leader in the field of environmental technology for the reduction of volatile hydrocarbons, VOC, HAP and GHG emissions. These hazardous emissions are created in many industrial processes and harm both human helath and the environment. By reducing the amount of emissions that get into the air untreated and by lowering the carbon footprint, our industrial partners can enhance sustainability in their operations and maintenance. Thus, they can contribute to environmental protection and improving the air quality.

Mobile Brennkammer - Mobile vapor combustion unit

Mobile vapor combustion units (VCU)

ETS Degassing mobile incinerators destroy all kinds of gases, gas mixtures and vapors from the explosion groups IIA, IIB and IIC with an efficiency of more than 99.99 % and without any open flame.

This makes them ideally suited for the degassing of all kinds of equipments such as tanks, containers, pipelines, ships, vessels and many more. Our units are also capable of temporarily replacing stationary emissions treatment systems such as vapor recovery units.

The ETS Degassing fleet consists of approx. 50 mobile vapor combustion units in different combustion capacities, making them ideal for different applications.

Mobile nitrogen vaporizers

The ETS Degassing fleet also includes mobile vaporizers with nitrogen tanks that are perfectly suited for working with systems and system components that contain liquified gases under pressure. These products – like LNG, ammonia or hydrogen – are highly flammable and have an especially high risk of explosion. 

Inerting components filled with highly substances with nitrogen creates a safe environment, making it possible to purge the components, ensuring that they can be emptied safely.

Combining the nitrogen vaporizer with a mobile vapor combustion unit enables the safe, efficient and environmentally-friendly degassing of components that contain liquified gases under pressure.

Mobile vaporizer with nitrogen tank

Mobile ATEX Zone 0 blowers

The unique blower skids that are certified for use in the ATEX Zone 0 enable the safe extraction of vapors from plants, containers, tanks, ships and many other components.

ETS Degassing ATEX Zone 0 blowers are small, compact and easy to use. Depending on individual requirements, we can offer the skids in different capacities.

We also provide our customers with additional equipment for the reduction of industrial emissions, including piping networks, valves, detonation pipe protection, liquid separators, flame arrestors and other components.

ATEX Zone 0 robot for rent

The remote-controlled ATEX Zone 0 robot as a rental service enables a safe cleaning of industrial tanks . The robot can be controlled via two joysticks from a safe distance, a monitor shows every movement in real time.

As responsibility and safety are important factors in our daily work, with the robot workers no longer have to expose themselves to the enormous risks for health and safety in the hazardous ATEX Zone 0.