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Striving for more sustainability in industrial operations and maintenance

Nachhaltigkeit - Sustainability

ETS Group was formed in 2023 through a merger of companies and builds on long experiences in the field of environmental technologies.

Our goal is to help our customers in making their operations more sustainable and to contribute to environmental protection. Therefore, we offer innovative services that help our customers to reduce their waste and carbon footprint.

Many good measures have already been taken to reduce the industrial GHG footprint. Furthermore, the awareness for more environmental protection in the industry is constantly growing.

However, more must still be done to reach “net zero” carbon dioxide emissions and to fulfill the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) for products by 2026.


While more sustainability and environmental improvements are rigorously enforced by stricter international and regional regulations, the economic impact of not reducing GHG emissions increases in the coming years, too. By 2030, the price per ton carbon dioxide will double and will exceed 200 $/t by 2040.

Reducing the global carbon footprint and making industrial processes more sustainable is therefore a very important factor. Thus, reducing the carbon footprint is a key for every ESG improvement roadmap to achieve environmental protection goals.


Nachhaltigkeit - Sustainability

ETS Group develops technologies that address exactly these issues. As an experienced international expert for environmental technology services, our goal is to help our clients and partners to contribute to environmental protection and make their operations more sustainable.

Reduce waste

Reduce emissions

Reduce waste

Reduce emissions

Enhancing sustainability in operations

Who we are

ETS Group -
Environmental Technology Services

The ETS Group team has long experience working in the fields of environmental technologies and in different industries, for instance oil, gas, chemical and petrochemical. The Group builds on the long experience of its cmpanies that have been operating since 2007 and that merged under the umbrella of the group in 2023. As a bluechip company building on long history and multiple experience, ETS Group is a leading provider of innovative greentech solutions in Europe.

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The headquarter of the ETS Group is located in Amelinghausen, Germany. With offices in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, we offer our services to customers all around the globe.

The ETS Group has offices in

  1. Amelinghausen, Germany
  2. Pförring, Germany
  3. Duisport, the Port of Duisburg, Germany
  4. Stellendam, Netherlands
  5. Mions, France
  6. Dammam, Saudi Arabia
  7. Manama, Bahrain.

We deeply care for the environment

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The ETS Group team is highly skilled and has long experience in the fields of environmental and industrial services. Get in touch with us to learn more about our company and services!

Normen Gerlach

Managing Director & Chief Operations Officer

Engineer for process technology

Long lasting experience in engineering, construction and operation of industrial facilities

David Wendel, CCO ETS Group

David Wendel

Managing Director & Chief Commercial Officer

Business economist

Long lasting experience in the degassing industry and environmental services

Benjamin Kersch, CFO ETS Group

Benjamin Kersch

Managing Director & Chief Financial Officer

Business economist

Long lasting history in industrial finance and administration