Our vision and mission

ETS Group is an international expert for innovative greentech solutions and environmental technologies. As a leading expert in Europe, we develop first-class technologies that help to protect the environment. All of our technologies and services are driven forward by our vision, mission and long-term goals. Learn more about what motivates us to develop our innovative services.

Our vision

ETS Group is a leading international provider of technology services for a sustainable environment.

Our mission

With our innovative solutions, we support
operators of industrial facilities to improve sustainability in their operations.

We are committed to the principles of sustainability, environmental protection,
safety and security.

We operate world-wide and adapt our
flexible services to regional demand
and environmental needs.

We possess core skills in technologies
that improve the carbon footprint
and reduce waste.

We offer first class services combined with highest quality.

We offer our services for all industries, for instance oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical and marine and shipping.

Our services comply with regulatory standards.

We focus on our customers and markets.

We create value through innovation and growth.

What we work for

Environmental protection

Sustainable operations

Preserving the environment

Reducing the carbon footprint