Merger of SIS and ENDEGS creates the ETS Group

Managing Directors ETS Group

The merger creates the ETS Group as the leading expert for emissions reduction

The companies ENDEGS and SIS merge and now form the ETS Group together – the European market and technology leader in the field of environmental technology for the reduction of emissions from volatile hydrocarbons.

The two leading service providers SIS and ENDEGS in the field of sustainable environmental protection will continue their respective successful corporate development in future under the umbrella of the “ETS Group” – Environmental Technology Services – and expand internationally

Targeted investments in the further development of the joint group with a focus on the expansion of management and sales structures to tap new growth potential in further international markets of the chemical industry and related industries and application areas

Following the successful entrepreneurial succession at SIS, the founding family at ENDEGS also intends to gradually withdraw from day-to-day operations after a transitional period

SIS GmbH (“SIS“) as well as ENDEGS GmbH (“ENDEGS“) are merging under the umbrella of ETS Group GmbH (“ETS Group“) – Environmental Technology Services – in order to combine their strengths and to jointly drive the internationalization of the group even more intensively. Both companies specialize in thermal exhaust gas purification and degassing and are international leaders in the reduction of emissions of volatile hydrocarbons in the petrochemical and other sectors of the chemical and related industries. By using mobile combustion technologies, both companies make a significant contribution to occupational safety and environmental sustainability. Together, the two companies intend to invest in further development and the targeted expansion of management and sales structures in order to realize the full potential of the solutions offered in existing core markets and, in addition, to open up new opportunities in international markets of the chemical and other industries with a need for sustainable exhaust gas cleaning. The newly formed group will be led by Dr. Uwe Nickel, Normen Gerlach (Managing Director of SIS) and David Wendel (Managing Director of ENDEGS) as group managing directors. The founders of SIS, Guido Soyk, and ENDEGS, Kai Sievers, will leave the day-to-day operations of the company and will continue to be associated with ETS Group in advisory capacities. The closing of the transaction is expected to take place in coming weeks. The parties have agreed not to disclose further details of the transaction.

Realization of growth opportunities in the core market and development of further regions and industries for ETS‘ solutions with ECM as an experienced investment partner

With an equipment park of around 50 mobile vapor combustion units with a performance range of 1-20 MW as well as a fleet of nitrogen vaporizers, ATEX Zone 0 blowers and ATEX Zone 0 robots and further additional equipment for use on customer sites and patented technology, ETS Group has a market-leading position in Western Europe. The group’s management sees considerable growth potential in this area, especially due to continuously stricter emission regulations in Europe. In addition, due to an increasingly strong international demand for the services offered, there are considerable opportunities in other countries and regions for the use of the technologies to increase sustainability in environmental protection. First steps have already been taken in other regions such as Middle East or Asia.

For the future, the group is planning further investments in the expansion of the combined equipment park as well as continuous further development of the proprietary technology in order to meet the high demands of existing and new customer industries and to further expand its own technological leadership. With the merger under the umbrella of ETS Group, both established brands SIS and ENDEGS as well as both company locations in Amelinghausen and Pförring will be retained and merged into a joint group under the group management. ETS Group is supported by the independent German private equity company ECM Equity Capital Management GmbH (“ECM“) managed fund German Equity Partners V (“GEP V“), which has already acquired a majority stake in SIS in 2019.

Dr. Uwe Nickel, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of ETS Group, said: “SIS and ENDEGS not only have an impressive product and service offering, but also a high level of technological expertise and leading market positions. It is clear that demand for both companies‘ solutions will continue to grow in light of climate change and increasingly stringent regulation of hazardous emissions. However, growing beyond a certain size and core market i soften a challenge for founders. Combining the strengths of both companies and complementing the management structures under the umbrella of ETS Group is therefore the logical next step for both companies. Personally, I am pleased to be able to contribute my expertise in the chemical industry as well as in bringing together dynamically growing companies for the benefit of the joint group.“

Normen Gerlach, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of ETS Group and Managing Director of SIS added: “By combining SIS and ENDEGS to form ETS Group, we are creating a unique platform with a strong growth profile and an exceptional team. We look forward to working with David Wendel and the entire ENDEGS team to continue to drive growth through investment in the organization as well as in technology. We are excited about this new partnership and the opportunity to further build on our collective strengths for the benefit of our employees and customers.”

David Wendel, Managing Director and Chief Commercial Officer of ETS Group and Managing Director of ENDEGS explained: “In the past years, we have already succeeded in achieving continuous growth and in making ENDEGS’ services better known internationally. The partnership with SIS under the umbrella of ETS Group now enables us to take the next steps in internationalization even more actively and to sustainably expand the unique services offering of both companies. We look forward to opening a new chapter in the history of ENDEGS with the integration into ETS Group.”

Kai Sievers, founder and CEO of ENDEGS added: “We are proud to have been able to develop ENDEGS into a leading company in an extremely interesting and increasingly relevant market for the reduction of emissions from volatile hydrocarbons. In order to fully realize the further growth potential for our solutions and at the same time to implement my entrepreneurial succession, we have been looking for a partner who fits our identity of a mid-sized company, but at the same time understands the technology and our customers and will continue the historical grown relationships in a spirit of partnership. I am fully convinced that the newly created ETS Group offers the perfect conditions to successfully continue the growth path of recent years.“